Rastriya Gunvatta Pakhwada Winner 2024.
As we reflect on India’s historical and cultural depth, it becomes evident that the nation’s journey is a testament to its unwavering spirit and indomitable will, marking its legacy as a great nation that has witnessed epochs of progress and evolution. With the vision of ‘Viksit Bharat’ (Developed India), there lies an opportunity to steer the nation towards a transformative trajectory, ensuring that the echoes of its prestigious past resonate with a future brimming with promise and prosperity.
Emphasizing an ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ (Self-reliant India), Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s vision underscores the imperative of quality in every facet of nation-building. ‘Zero Defect, Zero Effect’ is not merely a slogan but a clarion call to action. It beckons us to transcend the confines of mere adjustment and compromise, instead urging us to embrace a culture where excellence is not an exception but the norm. Quality, in its essence, is a holistic principle that permeates every realm – be it industry, healthcare, environment, or wellbeing.
Central to this vision is a paradigm shift – a collective endeavour to recalibrate our mindset, placing quality as the benchmark of our aspirations. The importance of quality in all aspects of life cannot be overstated, as it serves as a cornerstone for the progress and development of a nation. A commitment to quality ensures efficiency, reliability, sustainability and wellbeing, thereby contributing to a higher quality of life for the citizens. The pursuit of quality is particularly vital in all aspects of nation building and needs to be highlighted for the move towards sustainable development goals.
As we embark on this transformative journey, it is imperative to cultivate a mindset that resonates with the ethos of quality, driving us to think, deliver, and innovate with unparalleled excellence. As we stand at the cusp of a new era, it is time to come together to harness the spirit of quality, ensuring that India ascends to new pinnacles of excellence, setting benchmarks that resonate on the global stage. Together, each and every citizen of the country, needs to forge ahead with determination, dedication, and a shared vision, propelling India towards a future where quality reigns supreme, illuminating the path to a ‘Viksit Bharat’ – a Developed India that stands as a beacon of hope, progress, and prosperity, for generations to come.

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The Quality Bharat @100 Mission aims to achieve quality in all facets of life to make Bharat Viksit. It exemplifies the understanding that sustained progress requires a commitment to achieving quality in all facets of life.
The Quality Bharat Mission is inspired by and reflects the honourable Prime Minister’s vision of moving from Amrit Kaal to Kartavya Kaal. The long – term campaign attempts to drive quality discourse in all the aspects of our life and empowers the citizens to stride towards the Bharat of our dreams. Under the initiative, quality will embody the essence of a New India and the country will embark on a journey of quality living, making it a mass movement that engages with all at all levels.

The Youth for Quality Bharat Mission (YQBM) is transformative initiative under the Quality Bharat @100 Mission. It focuses on empowering the youth of India, engaging them in the nation’s growth story, and encouraging a quality-conscious living. The campaign highlights the critical role of quality as a driving force for a nation’s development and progress. It highlights the vision of the Quality Council of India (QCI) to lead a nationwide quality movement, aligning with the Prime Minister’s emphasis on “Quality” as a key criterion for a Viksit Bharat.
In this campaign, the youth of India emerge as the vanguard of change, armed with enthusiasm, innovation, and a fervent desire to shape a brighter tomorrow. By harnessing the power and potential of our youth, we embark on a mission to educate, engage, and empower, laying the foundation for a future where quality is not just an aspiration but a lived reality. The campaign will kick start with youth power, as the involvement of youth in the quality movement is crucial, as they represent the future of the nation. Empowering the youth with a quality-conscious mindset not only contributes to their personal development but also lays the foundation for a progressive and sustainable society.

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Under the Youth for Quality Bharat Mission (YQBM), Rashtriya Gunvatta Pakhwada will commence on the auspicious occasion of National Youth Day, January 12, 2024, the birth anniversary of the iconic youth leader Swami Vivekanand. The Mission takes inspiration from his clarion call “Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached” and fuels the Mission’s core objective, to empower the youth to be the architects of new India. The Rashtriya Gunvatta Pakhwada, is concluding on Republic Day – January 26th, 2024

The culmination of the celebration of Rashtriya Gunvatta Pakhwada will be witnessed at the Youth for Quality Bharat Festival 2024, set to take place on February 7th at the iconic Bharat Mandapam, New Delhi. Drawing the participation of 3000 youth from schools, colleges universities and educational institutions, the event marks the finale of Rashtriya Gunvatta Pakhwada. Aligned with QCI’s overarching mission, the festival functions as a dynamic catalyst for championing ‘Quality’ as instrumental in realizing the national goal of transforming India into a developed nation by 2047. The fest will underscore a dedicated commitment to engage, encourage, and inspire youth through both on-campus and online activities. The collective efforts of the fest aim to drive the nation’s advancement towards the envisioned Viksit Bharat.